{On Saturday the 7th of April 2012 at the North Cantrbury Championship show under Mr K Lee (Victoria) the results were Ch Macdolly Merrily Mesmeric at Fenway DCC, BOB, IOB, Manacas Forever and a day at Fenway (Larissa)BCC, JOB, Fenway Forever with Folke (Daisy) BPOB, BPOG.
THis exciting result was confirmed emphatically at th Nelson Ladies Show. On Saturday the 21st of April 2012 under Kaye McKIe CH Macdolly Merrily Mesmeric at Fenway took at the RDCC and RBOB + IOB, and Larissa obtained her 4th BCC and JOB. The following day under Marbel Sy Hugo was awaded DCC,BOB IOB and Larissa BCC,JOB. Our coowned bab(Toby) was BPOBay puppy Manacas Fearless with Folke {{PLUGIN:FotoGalerie('7');}}}
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